Sunday, November 23, 2008

Blogging Makes Sense

Blogging used to be just a word for me that I always hear from people. It is a word used which refers to weblog. Recently, this word started to make sense as I got interested in learning about it and how it works. It started when I opened my Friendster and read a testimonial about my friend who earns money online through blogging and testified about it. It captured my attention right away knowing that I really needed an extra incomebecause i just recently quit my job. It sounded good to me, just staying home and earning money. So I researched about it and kept absorbing what I learned until such time when I decided that i will give it a try. In fairness, it wasn’t bad at all for a newbie like me. I started blogging since then and signed up for Google Adsense and the first day I earned just probably a cent and was kind of disappointed but surprisingly, the next day I noticed that my earning went up to 14 dollars. I couldn’t believe it at all and I was motivated to create more blogs and started to network with people online.

I was earning through pay-per-click with Google Adsense which is an internet advertising model which helps bloggers and advertisers a lot to effectively attracts new prospects or clients for their business or products that they are catering. I realized as well that it requires extra patience and effort as blogging is an ongoing chronicle of different information. It has to be maintained with regular entries every so often. Entries that are informative and catchy. As I kept reading, I also encountered another kid who talked about earning money through blogging. She mentioned that she is being paid by writing blogs. I told myself, “Wow, this is more interesting!” Well there are just so many things that we can do to earn money and sometimes we don’t realize that it’s possible. Possible means that you are willing and ready to take any risks. Making money online has a lot of advantages for me. I can choose any time of the day to start working and I can do it however I like without a BIG BOSS telling me what to do. Somehow this type of work is gratifying for me specially that I could actually express myself with it, encourage people, give updates, create global network and business and gain profit. What else could isay more about it?

Well who can do blogs? Anyone can be considered a blogger whether it is just for personal or for business. I started without any idea what a blog was, what are the technical terms being used and how to earn from it. Now I should say I’m enjoying what I do and at the same time it is worth of my time. So what else you think you have to do? Get started and happy blogging!