Friday, December 5, 2008

My Life Cycle as a BLOGGER

So far things are good with my blogging experience. I started blogging not until the 18th of November of this year and it has become a part of my life cycle now. At first i didn't have enough knowledge what i was doing and what would be the next steps plus nobody was there to help me. It wasn't that difficult at all specially for those who read and study it carefully. I still consider myself a newbie and indeed i am, i need to learn more from you guys. I thank those people who posted articles about improving your blog, they were a great help for me.

Aside from blogging, i also put ads and experimented on it as others say they earned money from doing it. For more than two weeks now, i earned almost $100 out of 7 blogs which i try to maintain. I saw people in forums say they have hard time to even reach $20 for a month and i feel sorry for them, i wish i could help. My earning isn't that much as compared to others too. There are few techniques which i learned from my own experience in blogging and the most important is giving your blog extra effort. An effort to maintain it, change layouts if necessary, reposition them, visit those bloggers who visited your post, comment back to those who gave comments on your posting and make effort to visit the communities you joined from these social networkings and envite them to visit your blog and see what they think, if possible do it daily. Always build relationship with your common bloggers and viewers.

Every morning i check my blogs and i visit my social networking groups and invite people. I usually update my blogs at night and i reply to my viewers in the morning. It is really worth doing it. I would also spend time reading other people's blog and make comments. Then i submit my blog's URL to these websites that give free PING service. They help you promote your blog by submitting it to different search engines. By doing this it promotes your blog to searchers. I also learn it from other bloggers like me, thanks to them. In my case, i manage 7 blogs so i try to update my postings atleast once a month for each of my blog. I am happy that people are also interested on my postings and some became followers. These are the things i have learned so far and i wish i could be a better help to many. I will do my best to learn more so we could help each other and build a network of people who blogs and want to be successful on it.