Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Blogging Year

First of all i want to wish my readers a Happy Blogging Year. I believe that this year we all are going to do better with our blogs and our earnings. I am really happy because i have received my PIN number on the 25th of December of 2008. It was Christmas day and i felt that it was like my Christmas wish that was granted by Santa Claus. I have been waiting for it for more than 3 weeks and thought i won't be getting it anymore. Now, I am more excited to work on my blog so i hope you guys are going to do better this year as well. I took a photo of my PIN mail, it looks like a white postcard with Google word on the outside. I have read that some bloggers who are using adsense didn't receive their PIN number for whatever reason. Please request it again from google. You can have 2 more request of your PIN number. Don't worry it will be there soon. It takes patience and i understand how it feels. Anyhow, everything will pay off so cheer up. Happy Blogging Year!!!